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Hi & Welcome to Olli & Ash!

Olli & Ash is a sister duo who LOVE colour and LOVE creating items with a unique twist or trend setting edge. We created Olli & Ash over 4 years ago by selling and hiring out our revamped vintage furniture and homewares. Over time we have evolved into a sister duo company who can't stop creating unique, hard to find, high quality products, that we LOVE having in our homes and we hope that you LOVE having in yours.

Olli & Ash is the exclusive home to Little Blooming Wonder - Australia's first eco-friendly, everlasting flower and it is also the home to a unique crystal range called Aquarius.

If you are interested in stocking the amazing Little Blooming Wonder range, feel free to email us at olliandash@outlook.com to request a look book and further wholesale information. We also offer wholesale of just the Little Blooming Wonder flowers themselves.

And if you are simply interested in touching base with either Olli and/or Ash, we can be found here:

  • Email: olliandash@outlook.com
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About Little Blooming Wonder

Q: Is Little Blooming Wonder a real flower?

Yes, the flowers are 100% real. The flowers are Chrysanthemums that have been frozen at the very early stages of growth and this maintains the flowers tiny size, shape and colour.

Q: What is the green grass/moss covering? Is it real?

Yes the green grass/ moss covering is also 100% real and is a type of Dandelion which has been frozen and coloured to maintain the texture and softness.

Q: Where is Little Blooming Wonder from?

Little Blooming Wonder is an Australian product made using 100% real flowers imported from our overseas supplier.

Q: Why does the flower not wither or die?

The flower is frozen at the very early stages of growth so it remains in a semi frozen state, however, unlike dried flowers, Little Blooming Wonder does require a weekly watering to maintain the flowers softness and beauty. 

Q: How often should I water the flower?

Little Blooming Wonder products require 1 weekly watering which should only involve 3-5 sprays (using our small water spray bottles), pending the size of your design. If you have a larger Little Blooming Wonder design, you may need to spray more than 3-5 times to ensure that all flowers receive a watering.


Q: What if I forget to water it one week? How long can the flower last without being watered?

Little Blooming Wonder will not wither or die if you forget to water the flowers every week. The flowers can actually last more than a month or two without watering, due to the flower requiring very little water to survive.

Q: Can I purchase the flower seeds from you?

Unfortunately we do not sell the flower seeds.

Q: Will my Little Blooming Wonder flowers grow longer or multiply?

Your Little Blooming Wonder flowers will not grow in height nor will they germinate and multiply. The flowers are frozen and trimmed to suit the various glass vase designs. 

Q: Do I need to place my Little Blooming Wonder flowers in the sun?


Little Blooming Wonder products are an indoor flower decoration and are best kept inside. The flowers can only tolerate 5 minutes of direct sunlight. Any longer time in the sun could cause your flowers to get burnt.

Q: Can I keep the flower in air-cond. room?

Yes of course. Little Blooming Wonder flowers are so low maintenance and adapt well to any indoor environment.

Q: The glass of my Little Blooming Wonder design looks dusty. What is the best way to clean it?

We recommend using a damp cloth to clean the outside of the glass. To clean the inside of your glass design, we recommend wrapping a piece of fabric which does not leave particles everywhere around one or two fingers and gently and slowly wipe around the inside of the glass. But do be careful – as the flowers and flower stems are fragile. 

Q: Are you the only distributor in Australia?

Yes, we are the only distributor of Little Blooming Wonder in Australia. 

Q: I often suffer from allergies due to pollen. Is Little Blooming Wonder safe for me? 

Yes – Little Blooming Wonder products are perfect for the lover of flowers who suffers from pollen allergies. After the flowers are picked and frozen at the very early stages of growth, the flower becomes pollen free.

Q: How well does the flower travel during transit?

Your Little Blooming Wonder product will not wither or die during shipping. The green grass/moss covering along with your flowers may move around within the glass vessel during transit. If this is the case – you can easily re-arrange your flowers using a thin wooden skewer. But please be careful as the flowers and flower stems are fragile.

Q: Can I choose my flower colours?

At the moment Olli & Ash offer custom colour choice for the Initial design only.

However, we always encourage our customers to contact us directly if they are after designs which incorporate certain colours, as we can provide you with options to choose from before making a final purchase.

Q: Can I send you my own glass vase design and you arrange flowers in it?

Unfortunately we cannot provide this service due to the sheer volume of orders we process on a daily and weekly basis.

Q: Why does it take so long to receive my Little Blooming Wonder purchase?

Many of the designs we sell are created here and the careful flower arrangement process takes time. Other designs are provided from our supplier and the ordering process takes at least 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

Yes of course we do!

We would love to see Little Blooming Wonder products become more accessible to our customers all around Australia.

For all wholesale inquiries please contact olliandash@outlook.com