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The Solution To Dying Flowers

Sick and tired of spending $20 on fresh flowers that only last a week and then always seem to leave a horrid lingering smell when they are thrown out?

Not having much luck with your green-thumb (and that includes killing succulents!)?

Do you lack enough hours in your day/week to tend to plant life around your home?

If you are like US and answered YES to all of the above – then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the home of Little Blooming Wonder – REAL chrysanthemum flowers that bloom for up to 10 years with minimal care.

What are they and how does it work?

 Little Blooming Wonder flowers are 100% real flowers.

They are not paper flowers, they are not silk or fabric flowers and they are not preserved flowers. They are a type of Chrysanthemum flower naturally grown and handpicked from Japan.

But if they are real – how do they bloom for so long?

At the early stages of growth the flower and the stem are handpicked and then snapped frozen. Frosting technology is also applied to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower. This process is what stops the flower naturally pollinating, growing, fading, withering away and it also keeps the flowers tiny size and shape.  To ensure the flowers stay as bright as possible over a 10 year period, a touch of colouring is added to the flowers during the freezing process.

There is actually no root system - it is purely the stem and flower arranged in a foam oasis. This means, there is no need to use soil, fertaliser, excessive watering or place the flowers in sunlight. So put simply – these guys can’t be killed!!!

How much of my time and attention will they require?

Stick with us here…..

Even though we have the same amount of hours in our day as Beyonce – most of us don’t have personal assistants, nannies, in-house maids, chefs, gyms etc so time is precious.

That’s the beauty of Little Blooming Wonder. Our flowers are incredibly low maintenance (unlike your partner or children) – all they require is one spray of water per week, but if you forget to spray them here or there, they still remain fully bloomed and look as vibrant as ever.

But something cool happens when they are sprayed with water…..

The flowers are in a semi-frozen state which means they differ from dried/ preserved flowers, that have of all their moisture extracted from them. But why do they react to water? The freezing and frosting process helps retain some moisture, however, it also leaves the flowers slightly dehydrated. This causes the flowers to absorb moisture & react by closing up within 20 seconds of being sprayed with water. You will not get this same reaction if you sprayed dried and/ or preserved flowers with water.

Check out this time lapsed video below.


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So if you love to having a little bit of nature or greenery in your home or office.

If you want flowers that last longer than 1 week.

If you’re after a super unique gift that no one has ever seen before then check out our Little Blooming Wonder range below. There is a design to suit any décor and a price point to suit any budget.

P.S  All of our designs can be customised to display flower colours of your preference.

Click Here To View The Range

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Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

It's cold! It's wet! It's damp and the sun doesn't come out as often.

Yepp - it's Winter!

Our Little Blooming Wonder flowers are designed to be very low maintenance, however, during Winter there are some tips and tricks you can implement to ensure your flowers see it through to the warmer months.

1). Do not over spray the flowers. Did you know that these tiny flowers can survive off the tiniest amount of moisture in the air? They can also last up to 2 months without needing a spray of water. There tends to be a lot more moisture & dampness in the air around Winter time and the cooler temps mean wet items take longer to dry. Therefore, follow the watering recommendations below and even hold off watering them every week, cutting back to once every 3 to 4 weeks:

Small designs (Itty Bitty Bottle, Necklace, Test Tube, Initial Design)  = 1 spray of water

Medium designs (Globe, Droplet, Milk Bottle, Little Square, Little Beaker, Little Flask, Light Bulb, Candy Jar) = 2 sprays of water

Large designs (Big Beaker, Big Flask, Large Projectile, Large Square, Medium Projectile) = 3 sprays of water

NB: The above spraying recommendations are based on using our Olli & Ash 50ml water spray bottles.

Try to resist the urge of spraying every flower within the design in a bid to evenly coat them. Rest assured that even if the flowers do not close up tight, they are still exposed to moisture within the glass design. Over spraying your flowers during the cooler months could result in the growth of mould within your design.

2). If your Little Blooming Wonder design has a lid, keep the lid off until the flowers have fully bloomed back open again. If you cover up any openings, natural ventilation can not occur and moisture remains trapped inside. This again, will encourage the growth of mould within your design.

3). We are all a littler slower throughout Winter time - so don't be surprised if your flowers take longer to fully dry out and bloom back open compared to the warmer months. Flowers which are positioned at the back of some designs or even down the very bottom will take longer to dry out as they are positioned further away from the ventilated opening. If your flowers usually stay in a dark, cool room, you may want to move them to a spot with more natural sunlight. If you wish to speed up the process of the flowers drying out after a watering - don't be afraid to place them in direct sunlight for 5-20 mins. The Winter sun isn't as harsh as the Summer sun.


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